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Summer Solstice Coin and Pin


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The summer solstice (or estival solstice), also known as midsummer, occurs when a planet's rotational axis, or geographic pole on either its northern or its southern hemisphere, is most inclined toward the star that it orbits. On the summer solstice, Earth's maximum axial tilt toward the Sun is 23.44°. (Likewise, the Sun's declination from the celestial equator is +23.44° in the Northern Sky and −23.44° in the Southern Sky.) This happens twice each year (once in each hemisphere), when the Sun reaches its highest position in the sky as seen from the north or south pole.

This coin from the Coin and Pin Club features a Japanese garden on the front and a traditional sun and moon design on the back. The matching pin badge also shows this design.

Thickness: 3.6mm
Weight: 37g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Unknown