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Naughty or Nice Geocoin


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Have you been naughty or nice this year? Well whichever you have been we have just the geocoin for you!

This fantastic cut out coin shows a "naughty" Rudolf with a pierced ear and smoking a cigar on one side and a "nice" Rudolf on the other sucking on a candy cane. Both version of Rudolf are surrounded by a wreath with baubles.

There are three available versions:

  • Regular Edition (RE) - Shiny Silver with glitter nose and candy cane (120 made) -£10
  • Limited Edition (LE) - Shiny Gold with soft enamels (90 made) - £12.50
  • Extra Limited UK Edition (UK) - Black Nickel with soft enamels (49 made) Exclusive to Geocache Land - £15

Height: 52.5mm

Width: 47mm

Thickness: 3.5mm

Weight: 30g

Trackable? Yes

Own Icon? Yes