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Courageous Lion

£20.00 £12.50

Another stunning and finely detailed geocoin from CW88. Produced in very low numbers. The editions with 50 made are £20 each and the editions with 40 made are £23 each.

Diameter: 50.46mm
Thickness: 5.75mm
Weight: 54g
Trackable? Yes
Own Icon? Yes

2T Shiny/Antique Silver: Green/Blue (50 Made)

2 tone Shiny/Antique Copper: Green (50 made)

2 tone Shiny/Satin Gold: Red/Black (50 made)

2 tone Shiny/Antique Silver: Red/Yellow (50 made)

2 tone Shiny/Antique Silver: Dark/Light Blue (50 made)

2T Shiny/Antique Gold: Red/Yellow (40 made)

2T Shiny/Satin Gold: Black/Green (40 Made)

2T Silver: Light/Dark Blue (40 Made)

2T Shiny/Antique Silver: Multicoloured (40 Made)

2T Shiny/Antique Silver: Purple/Pink (40 Made)

Satin Gold: Black / Glow (40 Made)

2T Satin/Antique Gold: Purple/Green (40 Made)