The geocaching store that actually gives a duck! Click here for your free gift

Geocache Land is the geocaching store that actually give a duck!*

*Every order will receive a free duck. This was going to be an actual duck but apparently postage companies are not too happy about this, so instead we will send a fridge magnet or other free gift with each order. To receive the free gift you must select it and add it to your basket before payment. There is a limit of one free item per order, full terms and conditions apply, please see our terms and conditions page.

About Us

Geocache Land Ltd is a registered company. Company number SC588902

  Ian has been geocaching for several years and is an avid geocoin collector. He has designed various coins and tags including the brainstrust elephant geocoins, the Scotty Duck geocoins and the Kelpie Slate geocoin.

Proud to be based in Southern Scotland among the beautiful Lowther Hills and in Scotland's highest village, Geocache Land are happy to receive personal callers via prior arrangement (see Contact Us).

Our geocoin selection is slightly different to any other UK based geocaching store (and probably worldwide!). We have worked hard with several of the worlds top geocoin designers to be able to sell their designs in the UK for the first time and to have exclusive editions made for us to sell to you.

We also stock a selection of individual hard to find geocoins, from some of the earliest coins made to some of the most collectable.

Our selection has something for everyone, from the hardened collectors to those who just want a single geocoin for sending out on adventures of their own. We give as much information as possible on each geocoin we sell, from the thickness of the coin to the number of each coin produced. We are very proud of the coins we can supply to you and are always looking to increase our range. If you are looking for a particular geocoin, please contact us and we will try to help.

Scotty Duck

Scotty Duck is our mascot, his name, image and the words "Geocache Land" are all Registered Trademarks.

Activation Codes

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Design service

Geocache Land now offers a fully managed geocoin production service via our other website, Geocoins R Us

The Geocoins R Us website gives full details about geocoin production and we can also produce other items such as keyrings, medals, patches and trolley tokens.

Geocache Land Ltd is a registered company.

Registered Office:

43, Symington Street
ML12 6YE

Company number SC588902.
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