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Welcome To Geocache Land, home of the best geocaching supplies

Geocache Land is Scotland's only geocaching store, and the U.K.'s most popular geocaching store*

Geocache Land are proud to bring you a wide range of high quality geocaching equipment and geocoins, including many items you will not find anywhere else in the world.

Geocache Land has over 250 different geocoins in stock making it by far the largest range of geocoins in the U.K. and possibly the biggest in Europe**. At least two new designs of geocoins are added to our range every month!
We also offer a full geocoin design & production service and the only geocoin finding service.

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Please remember that when looking at geocoins most have several different editions available. Click on the geocoin to see the full listing and editions available.



Geocache Land are the geocaching store that really do give a duck! Don't forget to add your free^^ item to your order. Click here to see which free gift you can get

Winner of the Best Geocoin of 2017! Scotty Duck 2016

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*Based of Facebook Like figures as of 20/11/17
** Based on available figures 19/05/17. 250 different geocoins refers to number of geocoins listed and does not include different editions of the same coin.
^^ Clothing and made to order items are excluded from the Free Gift offer.